Live Recording

Live audio recording is one of the fields where professional and amateur productions use to have the biggest quality difference. Not only carefully setting up the microphones but latter on the post production removing the unwanted noises and enhancing the necessary parts is a difficult job even high budget productions eventually fail.

These are some video works fully recorded using several microphones and mixing them. In both cases, I worked alone with the camera and microphone setting.


 Live recording in different noisy scenarios. Wireless and external microphones were used and mixed. The nature of the video is comedy but trying not to “induce” anything to the viewer this monologue has been edited without music, what makes the sound presence extremely sensitive.


Documental-live recording of a real customer experience. Microphones were set up but the participants only agree to the shooting, no artificial performances so no second chances for recording dialogs. The customers good mood selected for the final edition mixed with the music creates a quite warm atmosphere.